ImageAmerican Two Shot has a whimsical and dreamy atmosphere as soon as you step foot inside. Shopping in the store is one giant hazy daze; you probably walked in to purchase a coffee from Café Integral at the entrance of the store but instead walked out $70 poorer with Tupac Shakur/ Biggie Smalls cufflinks in your shopping bag. Shopping at American Two Shot is like a wild Friday night out where you leave the bar not remembering what happened in your drunken daze; you walk out of the store not understanding how you spent so much money in a tiny vintage shop.

 The friendly staff and inviting clubhouse atmosphere makes shoppers feel that it’s perfectly acceptable to drop $60 on chicken wing bucket earrings. Window shoppers that wandered in won’t even notice that they’re contemplating purchasing a $250 vintage jacket with the Jolly Green Giant character printed all over it because the staff is so convincingly nice and genial.


 It’s refreshing to walk into an upscale store where the staff is friendly and inviting. That’s what makes American Two Shot such a refreshing new Soho boutique. The store was started by two childhood friends, Olivia Wolfe and Stephanie Krasnoff, who wanted to create a community creative space where art, fashion, and friends could comfortably merge. The end result is a store that sells men’s and women’s one-of-a-kind vintage and high-end items from exclusive designers.

 The men’s clothing shelves showcase an abundance of Coca-Cola themed vintage clothing and Reyn Spooner Hawaiian polos that grandpa would approve of. The women’s clothing department has the perfect amount of sex appeal (body cage crop tops by Chromat) and playfulness (bandanas with smiley face prints). There’s something for every vintage shopper in one tiny open space.

The walls are lined with artwork from featured local artists who are usually friends with the owners and the magazine section features quirky knickknacks like kooky greeting cards and vintage matchbooks from places like Studio 54. The prices range for each item and category but the store is a fun place to shop around and hang out with friends. Head to American Two Shot and soak up the cool and friendly atmosphere while looking at the coolest vintage items you most likely haven’t seen since 1987. (photos courtesy of &